Equine Raspberry Leaf

Equine Raspberry Leaf


180 g


The leaves of the raspberry plant have been used for centuries as a female tonic. Raspberry leaf is a go to for mares who struggle during their heat cycles, typically displayed through "moodiness". The high magnesium content makes TriSana Nutrition Raspberry leaf an ideal supplement for hormonal support, as it promotes the healthy excretion of estrogen.  In the uterus, raspberry leaf can help regulate the smooth muscle tone, relaxing uterine spasms. The muscle relaxation and reduction of uterine pain can help rebalance your mare's temperment during her cycle.


TriSana Nutrition Raspberry Leaf is great for geldings as well! As a highly bioavaliable source of magnesium, it can be used as a calming supplement for any horse. Magnesium is an important component of nerve and muscle function. Horses deficient in magnesium can be excitable and nervous. The addition of raspberry leaf can help take the edge off.


Scientifically proven to:

  • Support healthy heat cycles
  • Assist in normal behavior and relaxation


 TriSana Nutrition Raspberry Leaf is recommended for mares that experience difficult cycles, broodmares, excitable or nervous horses, and horses prone to mood swings.


Veterinary Health Product Number: NN.D7A6