We believe that what you feed your animals should heal them, from the inside out.

The mission

First, Do No Harm

Here at TriSana Nutrition, we take our animal’s health & education very seriously. In fact, we have adopted the Hippocratic Oath used for physicians and veterinarians alike- “first, do no harm”. This means all of our products are as natural and organic as we can source them- only the best nutrition for our best friends. After all, they depend on us to keep them safe! Rest assured that anything with TriSana Nutrition stamped on it has you and your four legged friends’ best interest in mind- we guarantee it!

Behind the company

Tanja minder


Owner, Founder, Equine Specialist

Tanja is an animal nutritionist, serving local communities in Alberta. She also uses online networks to reach as many equine and canine enthusiasts across Canada as she can.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in animal sciences, she continued her extensive quest for knowledge at the University of Calgary in Veterinary Medicine. Due to serious personal health issues, she was unable to finish her studies. This twist in fate, however, solidified her belief in complementary modalities to heal the body from the inside out. 

Her extensive years spent in the field of veterinary medicine and stable management, paired with her personal deep interest in horses, has made her an invaluable resource for the equine community. She is currently involved in competing in the sport of three day eventing with her hanoverian mare. This gives her a unique perspective of what these hard working athletes need to succeed at their jobs.

Her hope is to empower and inspire others to make informed decisions for their equines' nutrition. She has poured her love of animals, and the dedication of their betterment, into TriSana Nutrition. Tanja hopes that through this platform she can join your equines' health team, to help your horse lead its brightest, most vital life.

Kristy Nelson


Owner, Canine Specialist

Kristy is based in Calgary, Alberta, and specializes in canine nutrition. She has a Bachelor of Psychology, although she prefers to apply her knowledge to canine behaviour and cognition. She furthered her canine specific education by completing a diploma in canine nutrition and is always actively seeking new learning opportunities. 

Kristy worked many years in pet specific retail, where she assisted owners in selecting diets to meet their pet's particular needs. She prides herself on applying her education and experience to help owners find products that address their dog's symptoms while healing them from the inside.

She is currently involved in the sport of IGP (formerly Schutzhund) with her younger dog. Her involvement in the sporting and working dog community gives her the chance to improve the nutrition of all types of dogs with various needs. 

Kristy enjoys addressing all aspects of canine health. She believes nutrition, fitness, and training are all important components of a healthy and balanced dog. Through TriSana Nutrition, she hopes to give owners access to the quality nutritious products she seeks for her own dogs.