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We believe that what you feed your animals should heal them, from the inside out.

First, Do No Harm

Here at TriSana Nutrition, we take our animal’s health & education very seriously. In fact, we have adopted the Hippocratic Oath used for physicians and veterinarians alike- “first, do no harm”. This means all of our products are as natural and organic as we can source them- only the best nutrition for our best friends. After all, they depend on us to keep them safe! Rest assured that anything with TriSana Nutrition stamped on it has you and your four legged friends’ best interest in mind- we guarantee it!


Tanja minder

Owner, Founder, Equine Specialist

Tanja is an animal nutritionist who has had a profound personal connection with horses since she was a young girl growing up in Switzerland. After moving to Canada, she graduated with a bachelor of science degree majoring in animal sciences. To deepen her understanding even further, Tanja then decided and was accepted to pursue her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary.


Serious health issues unfortunately cut her veterinary studies short, but with an interesting trade off. Her belief in complementary modalities to heal the body from the inside out was solidified. This same belief would eventually combine with her love for equine and animal care to form the company you see today, TriSana Nutrition. 


Tanja has extensive experience in the field of veterinary medicine, and has been a guest speaker in several local Alberta communities, equine associations and professional courses educating owners, veterinarians and stable managers on horse nutrition and disease prevention. Her hope is to inspire others to make informed decisions surrounding their equines’ health and well-being.

When not working with TriSana, Tanja competes in the sport of Three Day Eventing with her Hanoverian mare Sidera, and off the track Thoroughbred mare Zora. She has four dogs and three horses with her partner Brad, and they both enjoy doing outdoor activities such as camping and kayaking. They also breed Norwegian Lundehunds, one of the rarest dog breeds in the world.


Kristy Nelson

Owner, Canine Specialist

Kristy was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Mount Royal University in 2019, though prefers to use her knowledge to focus on Canine Behaviour and Cognition. She also holds a diploma in Canine Nutrition, and is constantly seeking new learning opportunities wherever possible.


Years of working in pet-specific retail enabled Kristy to gain valuable experience helping owners tailor specific diets to their own unique pet needs. It is this passion for teaching people how to heal their pet’s from the inside out that has led Kristy to TriSana Nutrition, and it is a love for animals that grew out of her own home. 


Kristy currently has two dogs - Archer, who has competed in agility and rally-o competitions, and Falyn, a German Shepherd puppy. Archer was a picky eater growing up, and served as an inspiration for Kristy to give him and others like him the best quality nutrition possible. Kristy is training Falyn in the sport of IGP, which has been her true passion as of late.


In her downtime, you might find Kristy out on day trips or going for a hike, but she is also content just staying in with a good book. She has had an obsession with dinosaurs since she was a little girl, and even has a T-Rex tattoo on her ankle. Her goal is to inform pet owners about the importance of fitness, nutrition and training to keep their dogs healthy, balanced and happy.

Together we are certified in...

• Equine Body Work

• Equine Massage

• Animal Care

• Animal Policy and Welfare 

• Canine Nutrition

• Agriculture & Animal Sciences 

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