Inferno Canine is a non-profit Schutzhund/IPO/IGP club located in Calgary, Alberta.


They are competitive and dedicated club, with a large focus on sportsmanship. They promote and provide support and opportunities for not only education and competition, but also comradery and community. They teach foundational skills for a positive relationship between handler and their dogs, with special attention to the mental and physical well being of the dogs.


They offer IGP training, Rally obedience, and Obedience and Relationship training.


Check them out at www.infernocanine.com


The Inferno Dogs all love different items from the TriSana Nutrition product line for helping their dogs stay competitive in sport, while also protecting and preventing them from injury and disease. All Inferno dogs enjoy the cold pressed spirulina tabs! They're also big fans of the Complete Canine, Joint and Muscle PLUS, and Hemp oil!

We want to congratulate Suzanne, Dominic, and Dani for making it to Nationals in Aug 2022! 

Dominic and Bolle won a 3rd Place spot, while Dani and Yaro won 6th Place. These highly competitive placings allows them to go to Denmark to represent Team Canada! Way to go Team!