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frequently asked questions


How do i know what products are right for my dog or horse?

We understand the world of canine and equine nutrition can feel overwhelming! As canine and equine nutritional experts, we offer complimentary consultation services to better understand your animal's symptoms, behaviors, and nutritional goals. Fill out our consultation intake form to receive a detailed, professional recommendation on how to improve your animal's nutrition. 

hemp oil

Is my dog or horse going to get high taking your hemp oil?

No! To be considered a hemp product, your oil has to have below 0.03% THC. THC is the compound in cannabis responsible for the 'high' often associated with this plant. Hemp oil has absolutely zero psychoactive effects. In fact, regularly accredited samples obtained from Canadian operations have below detectable levels of THC, at 4 parts per million (PPM).



Yes it is. While cats are what we call obligatory carnivores, they need high levels of taurine, they can still benefit from the oil, including the anti-inflammatory properties of the hemp oil. We've seen some great results in calming cats, as well as improvement in coat and digestive health.

is my oil okay to be stored at room temperature?

In short, we advise that hemp oil be stored in as dark and cool of a place as possible. That being said, it is not harmful to store plain hemp oil at room temperature. However, if you have one of our infused oils, please store it in your fridge or freezer.

is it okay if my oil freezes?

Yes! Hemp oil is definitely Canadian after all, eh! Hemp oil keeps best at lower temperatures, and as it is an oil, it will not freeze easily. Freezing is a way to preserve the oil for longer periods of time. 

how is hemp oil processed?

Hemp oil is not really processed at all- it is obtained by cold pressing the hemp seeds. The oil itself is unfiltered, green in color, and has a nutty earthy flavor. Generally, the darker the color, the earthier the flavor becomes. 

is there anything added to your plain hemp oil?

No- our product is proudly 100% hemp oil! The hemp oil is very stable and naturally high in anti-oxidants, requiring no added anti-oxidants or preservatives to maintain it's natural quality.

what sets hemp oil apart from other oils?

Gamma Linolenic Acid... this is a fatty acid that is rare in conventional oils. This powerhouse of a fatty acid is actually a potent anti-inflammatory. It's effects across the body are wide reaching and nothing short of incredible. Benefits of this fatty acid can be seen and felt across organs, joints, digestive tract, respiratory system, cardiac, skin, hair/fur, and hooves... just to name a few! It is also a great source of omega 3, 6, & 9. 

i heard hemp oil is higher in omega 6 fatty acids- aren't those considered 'Pro-inflammatory'?

Popular science has brought attention to two divisions of fatty acids- omega 3 and omega 6. Omega 3's are dubbed the 'anti-inflammatory' fatty acids, while omega 6's are sorted into the 'pro-inflammatory' fatty acids. In reality, the line is not as black and white. A certain amount of omega 6 fatty acids are required to activate the immune system and launch appropriate responses in the body.

hemp Protein Fibre

How is this processed?

The beauty of this product is that it is barely processed at all... it has been ground, and THAT'S it! It comes in a heavy powder- no binders or fillers or sugars. Horses + dogs love it just the way it is!

How do i feed this?

We are so used to over complicating our animal's feed. This hemp protein fibre is palatable just as it is! Both dogs and horses go crazy over it. 

If you'd like to slowly introduce it to extremely picky eaters, or want to give them something 'more', then we suggest: 

     - Horses: Mix it in with beet pulp, rolled barley, or a handful of oats

     - Dogs: Mix it into the raw food directly, sprinkle it on their food, or mix with some goats milk


How do i feed them?

Most animals will eat the herb whole, out of your palm or mixed into their food.

If you'd like to slowly introduce herbs to extremely picky eaters we suggest: 

     - Horses: Mix it in with beet pulp or their currrent feed

     - Dogs: Mix it into the raw food directly, sprinkle it on their food, or mix with some goats milk

Are the herbs competition legal?

Please see the Equestrian Canada references, or any overseeing legal body of your sport.

Chamomile and Devil's Claw are not competition legal in North America. Please be very weary of your sources, as some products are legal pure, but are often sold compromised by retailers.

Can i mix and match the herbs?

Absolutely! This is exactly why we have made the TriSana products. You can mix and match our single ingredient products, or mixes, as needed. This way you will only ever feed exactly what you need, and won't be paying for ingredients you don't want!

How long are the herbs good for?

We have to put an expiry date on our products, for the Veterinary Health Product certification. Our herbs have a 2 year expiry date, however are good to use for much longer, as long as they have been stored appropriately. Please keep them in a cool, dark container (such as the bag they come in!). 

Raw food

How much do i feed?

General guidelines are:

     - Puppies: 5% of their body weight --> this requires weekly weigh-ins and adjustments as necessary

     - Adult Dogs: 2% of their body weight

     - Cats: 4% of their body weight

Please remember that all of these percentages are rough starting guidelines. The actual percentage that your pet requires is dependent on their individual needs. Adjust as necessary. 

How do i feed this?

Simple! It comes in 1 lb portioned slabs for the bulk, and 1/4lb patties for the 5 & 20lb boxes- these are frozen. Take a tube out and thaw in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Measure out portions and feed! Do not microwave as it decreases the nutritional value.

Some animals do prefer it to be served warm, so warm in dish in hot water before serving.

Do i need to add anything else?

No, most dogs do not need anything else added to TriSana Raw. We have carefully formulated the raw, with additional supplements so that it's easy and convenient to feed. Any supplements your dog may need have already been mixed in.

Every dog is different! Please listen to your dog's health care team for what your specific dog may need!

Have something to add or more questions? Please let us know!


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