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Please note, due to the refrigerated nature of this product, it is NOT available to purchase online and must be purchased through our retailers. 


TriSana Raw is the best product on the market, and this is the chicken version of the raw lineup. This raw chicken is locally sourced, locally produced, and hand-packed with care, this limited ingredient raw should be a staple in all dog bowls! No fillers! No preservatives! Filled with healing goodness of hemp protein and kelp. 


ONLY high-quality ingredients that your dog needs in their diet!

Formulated and perfectly balanced as prey model raw, with over 97% whole ground chicken! 3% of the total is the kelp and hemp protein. 



We have not added any veggies to dilute or cut costs of any of our formulations - but feel free to add some of your choices if your dog requires it!




Chicken Raw Food

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  • Kelp is a great all-around natural supplement to add to your dog's diet. It is one of the richest natural sources of minerals- kelp contains 21 amino acids, and over 60 vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.  TriSana Nutrition Kelp supports the thyroid with its iodine content, regulating metabolism to help maintain a healthy weight. Kelp also promotes healthy circulation by providing natural doses of iron. Bad breath? Or tartar build-up? Kelp has been scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up and keep those mouths healthy.  Kelp also helps your dog keep skin allergies to a minimum, as it reduces inflammation and itching. This wonderful supplement boosts the microbiome in your dog's gut by feeding the good bacteria and providing them with the nutrients they need to do their job!

  • Our added Hemp Protein Fibre is 100% Canadian grown and produced. TriSana Nutrition Hemp Protein Fibre is unprocessed, grown without pesticides or herbicides, non-GMO,  and has no additives or preservatives. It is a complete source of amino acids, providing all essential amino acids that a dog requires from their diet. This means ALL the building blocks are available for building and repairing tissues & muscles, hormones & immune response, and other vital functions. It is a great source of protein for building lean muscle and topline when paired with a great exercise program.​ Hemp is another source of highly digestible vitamins and minerals - what the label says is what the animal actually has available to it! TriSana Nutrition Hemp Protein Fibre does not cause abrasive inflammation in the digestive tract like highly processed feeds on the market- instead heals and soothes, leading to happy and healthy digestive tracts! It is a highly bioavailable feed, broken down and utilized easily by the dog's digestive tract.​ TriSana Hemp Protein Fibre is a great source of healthy fats and omega's - and offers the same benefits as the hemp oil, albeit at a lower quantity.​ It contains a potent anti-inflammatory powerhouse called GLA (gamma linolenic acid). It has powerful effects on the body to keep the inflammation in check. This fatty acid is not found in any other conventional oils on the market. Hemp oil is also high in Vitamin E.

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