Equine Rosehip

Equine Rosehip


Rosehip is a native Canadian plant and the bush is often admired for its beautiful pink flowers.  It is a very healthy and beneficial plant to equine health. 


Rosehips are a powerful anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants clean up the body from damaging free radicals, and protect the body against illnesses and inflammatory diseases. Rosehips also contain high levels of Vitamin A, D, K, and E, along with various other anti-oxidants that all support and boost the immune system.


TriSana Nutrition Rosehip is also a high source of natural and useable Vitamin C. While horses can create their own Vitamin C in their liver, there are illnesses or states that can deplete their ability. Allergic reactions, sickness, or infections can affect Vitamin C levels in the horse. A lack of Vitamin C can affect the horse's ability to maintain and repair cartilage and bone. In those cases, it would be beneficial to supplement with rosehips.


Studies have also shown that rosehips are able to help prevent osteoarthritis. The presence of a specific protein in rosehips helps to protect the joints and tissues.


Supplementation with TriSana Nutrition Rosehips have also shown to encourage hoof growth. This is due to the high biotin and copper content. Copper is also utilized by the horse to use iron properly, develop other healthy connective tissue, help with allergies to lower the concentration of histamine in the body, as well as keep their nervous system healthy. 


It has also been noted that rosehip supplementation to a mare and foal will reduce the likeliness of scouring on the mare's cycle.


We recommend TriSana Nutrition to horses prone to allergic reactions, horses needing an immune boost, those currently or recently dealing with an infection, or horses needing help building (injury) proper connective tissues or hooves.