Equine Chlorella

Equine Chlorella


TriSana Nutrition Chlorella is an abundant source of chlorophyll, which is particularly important to supplement in cases where pasture is limited or not appropriate/tolerated. Chlorophyll is important in the horse for liver and kidney health, and cleansing of the digestive tract. It is also a vital component in helping a cell renew after death or damage, making it a great supplement to help with tissue repair in hard-working horses.


Veterinary Health Product Number: NN.E9Z9

  • Feeding Instructions

    Less than 1000 lbs: 3/4 tsp

    Greater than 1000 lbs: 1 tsp


    A bag lasts an average horse (1000lb+) 129 days


  • Recommended For

    Chlorella is a great all around algae, recommended for any horse needing a health boost or for obtaining optimum health. It is a great boost of chlorophyll for those horses with no, or limited, access to green pasture. It is also a great product for horses requiring some liver support.

  • Scientifically Proven to:

    • Support a healthy immune system
    • Support a healthy digestive system
    • Supports normal function and health of the liver
    • Reduction of oxidative stress
    • Promotes optimum health