Canine Spirulina Tablets

Canine Spirulina Tablets



Scientifically proven to: 

  • Maintain muscle health and condition
  • Maintain a healthy immune system
  • Maintain a healthy hormonal and metabolic system


Our best-selling spirulina powder, is now available in cold-pressed tabs, to save the mess of feeding a powder. Plus, the added bonus of every dog being absolutely obsessed and eating them like snacks. 


Spirulina is an algae superfood. It is rich in chlorophyll, which helps cleanse the blood and increase oxygen circulation. It also acts as a pre-biotic by feeding the healthy bacteria in the gut, and boosting digestive ability.


As a source of all amino acids that's readily digestible, TriSana Nutrition Spirulina is a great addition for muscle health, exercise recovery, and condition. 


It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, helping create an incredible coat shine. It improves the integrity of the skin by allowing natural oils to increase skin health and moisture.


Dry paws or noses anyone? Spirulina to the rescue!


Spirulina is also a natural anti-histamine, making it the perfect addition to the diet for dogs that have sensitivities or allergies. It can help fight that often uphill battle against allergies, or help prevent them in the first place.


Algae is an immune booster, by increasing the production of antibodies and white blood cells. Think fighting germs and preventing illness - even nasty ones like the big C. 

  • Feeding Instructions

    Dosage: For every 10lbs in body weight, feed 2 tabs

    Please find your dog's weight below to see how long a single bag would last:

    10 lbs: 2 + years

    20 lbs:  ~ 14 months

    30 lbs:  ~ 9 months

    40 lbs:  ~ 7 months

    50 lbs:  ~ 5.5 months

    60 lbs:  ~ 4.5 months

    70 lbs: ~4 months

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  • Recommended For

    Perfect for dogs of all ages and health for prevention, but especially recommended for seniors and working dogs.