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Save 10% when purchasing this bundle, instead of when purchasing seperately.


We made this bundle in particular with our performance horses in mind. This bundle provides everything from soothing the tummy and protecting from ulcers and anxiety diarrhea, to muscle relaxation, electrolyte balance, and joint and muscle protection and recovery. 


It includes: 

- 1x Bentonite Clay (1kg): A charged clay used to detox, soothe, and help promote a healthy digestive tract. Great to stabilize sensitive bellies, protect from travelling stress, and promote healthy bowel movements.

- 1x Electrolyte (1kg): Three whole food ingredients to provide electrolyte balance in the body, increase stamina and recovery, as well as provide natural support for urinary health.

- 1x Joint + Muscle (450g): Powerful blend of Green Lipped Mussels (GLM) and MSM to work to boost your horses ability to maintain joint and soft tissue health, as well as recover from exercise and training. This is a great additive to help mitigate symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. 



Equine Performance Bundle

  • Bentonite Clay - 1 kg - 83 day supply

    Electrolyte Remedy - 1 kg - 56 day supply

    Joint and Muscle - 450 g - 30 day supply

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