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TriSana Nutrition offers a full range of natural, whole food supplements to help your horse thrive. Sometimes it gets a bit confusing, knowing what is best for your horse. That's where this service comes in. 


We take a brief history of your horse, including performance, husbandry, and feeding programs, and look for general areas of improvement. This is very client guided, and we place a large emphasis on what areas you are looking for improvement in. 


Please note, we do offer complete comprehensive Equine Nutritional Analysis with a 3rd party Equine Nutritionist, based on your individual hay analysis and horse. It is very in depth, and you receive 2 complete reports - one based on nutrient analysis and one with functional supplement recommendations. 

Equine Nutrition Consult

C$30.00 Regular Price
C$0.00Sale Price
    • Needing personalized recommendations
    • Making minor adjustments to feeding protocols
    • Requiring some help managing new health concenrs
    • Requiring some help managing new behavioural concerns
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