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Inspired by our hard working tracking IGP clients, we have put together our Oh Sh*t Bundle. It consists of a bag of our Happy Tummy, Brewer's Yeast, and Green Clay.


Save 10% by purchasing this bundle instead of purchasing them seperately!


TriSana Happy Tummy will take care of acute or chronic inflammation - so whether your dog accidentally ate something they shouldn't have, or has a very sensitive stomach, this blend will take care of the upset tummy. This mix will help build robust and resilient gastrointestinal systems. Your dog will benefit from daily supplementation, or from use during stressful events or after an illness.


TriSana Nutrition Brewer's Yeast is a gut health fundamental for your dog. It supports many facets of gut health. Boosting the microbiome in your dog's gut, which is the starting point to gut health, increases digestive health all the way through. It acts as a probiotic, helping increase digestive ability, allowing your dog to get more of the nutrients from its food. It will also boost the population of healthy bacteria in your dog's gut, making it more resilient and less sensitive to upsets.


TriSana Green Clay is a great supplement to have within reach for any dog owner, as it is so versatile. It soothes the belly during the digestive upset and can reduce diarrhea or loose stool. It is also a great addition during food rotation or introducing new foods, as it can help the stomach acclimate more quickly. It is also a favorite for sensitive digestive systems. Since it works to detox systems, it is also a great additive if your dog has been sick or on medication. 


The Oh Sh*t Bundle will help you be covered against any bouts of upset tummies, guard against diarrhea from increase treat giving for training classes (or cause they're just so darn cute), from an accidental garbage trashing, stressful situations such as training/boarding, or help switching to new foods.


This trio is a must in any dog owner's house!

Canine Oh Sh*t Bundle

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