Equine MSM

Equine MSM


Scientifically proven to: 

  • Promote joint health and mobility
  • Promote muscle and tissue health
  • Promote healthy immune system


TriSana Nutrition MSM is a potent natural anti-inflammatory and painkilling product. This versatile supplement is a powerful product to ease any sort of inflammatory condition in the body - from allergies to arthritis to respiratory issues.


MSM provides the sulfur required by your horse for many daily processes. It is used to form a molecule called cysteine, as well as being needed for methionine synthesis.  The body uses a methionine derivative to combat many ailments, such as pain, inflammation, allergies, arthritis. TriSana Nutrition MSM is a natural pain killer- it actually blocks the pain impulses through nerve fibers as well as boosting the activity of natural anti-inflammatory hormones. This methionine derivative is also used to promote normal keratin levels in hair, skin, and hooves!


MSM additionally improves joint and muscle health, by playing an active role in the production of collagen and glucosamine, both of which are required for optimum mobility.


MSM can also help increase the uptake and longevity of many different minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, such as Vitamin A, D, E, and C, all B-vitamins, magnesium and many others. While increasing cell membrane permeability to allow easier uptake of these minerals, it also increases a cells ability to detox waste products.


Since MSM is such a potent anti-inflammatory, it also helps the body boost the immune system.  TriSana Nutrition MSM binds to mucosa and provides a protective layer against allergens. It helps to bind and inactivate harmful free radicals in the body, and get rid of those harmful irritants. This is an effective way to deal with allergies and sensitivities, as well as hives and sweet itch. 


MSM is one of the few anti-oxidants that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier - meaning it has access to a few areas in the body that not many other supplements are able to reach. Due to this, MSM is able to help clean out, repair, and prevent damage to nerve cells to assist with neurological diseases. 


Metabolic or insulin resistant horses may also benefit from MSM supplementation, as sulfur is a component of insulin. By providing adequate nutritional sources of sulfur, biologically appropriate levels of active insulin can be produced, helping to achieve proper metabolism. 


Newer research is also showing MSM as a potential supplement to help slow or limit the growth of cancerous tumours. 


  • Feeding Instructions

    Less than 1000 lbs : 0.5 TBSP

    Greater than 1000 lbs : 1.5 TBSP

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  • Recommended For

    TriSana Nutrition MSM is recommended for joint and muscle maintenance for arthritis prevention and maintenance, exercise recovery, tissue regeneration, as well as a very powerful immune booster to help against inflammatory diseases and allergies.