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Equine Marshmallow Root

Equine Marshmallow Root


This root has been used for many centuries; first noted in use by ancient Egyptians, who used it to soothe coughs, congestion, and sore throats.


TriSana Nutrition Marshmallow Root is a strong anti -oxidant, helping to clean up free radicals in the body. This is our strongest respiratory root, so it is a great addition to your horse's feed if they have any issues in relation to their breathing.


Marshmallow root supports the body's mucous lining health, keeping the trachea and lungs functioning normally. A healthy and resilient mucous membrane lubricates and protects the lungs, and other organs in the body, from abrasive particles like pollen, smoke, and other pathogens and allergens. A healthy mucous lining also prevents the drying, cracking, and bleeding of the respiratory tract from strenuous exercise.


In this same manner, Marshmallow Root has also been shown to support gastrointestinal health.


Veterinary Health Product Number NN.W8Q9