Equine Garlic

Equine Garlic


TriSana Nutrition Garlic is a good natural supplement for its heart and anti -bacterial and -parasitic effects in the body. 


Garlic was evaluated in an equine study to show significant anti- parasitic properties, and therefore could be used to support your regular anti-parasitic program. It has also been shown as an effective bioactive compound for controlling bacterial infections, and that garlic can enhance the anti microbial activity of other substances. Reports also state that garlic has been successfully given to aid with respiratory conditions and infections in the lungs due to its antibiotic effects.


TriSana Nutrition Garlic is a popular supplement to be given to ward off flies and mosquitos. It is said to leave an unfavorable smell to these bugs once the garlic has been digested and absorbed.  


Garlic has also been studied worldwide, and shows to have a positive protective effect on the heart and the kidneys, in part due to the selenium and sulfur present.


It is important that you follow feeding guidelines to maintain within the safety levels of this supplement. 

  • Feeding Instructions

    Less than 1000 lbs: 2 tsp

    Greater than 1000 lbs: 1.5 tbsp

  • Recommended For

    TriSana Nutrition Garlic is recommended to horses needing additional fly and bug control, or in cases to support anti-parasitic or anti-bacterial programs.