Equine Focus

Equine Focus


Scientifically supported to: 

  • Promote relaxation
  • Promote mental focus
  • Promotes a quiet + relaxed disposition
  • Promotes a healthy nervous system


Ingredients: Tryptophan, Thiamine, Magnesium


Tame your dragon with TriSana Nutrition Focus - a powerful + effective way to take the edge off naturally!


Thiamine, which is also known as vitamin B1, is made in your horse's hind gut. A deficiency in thiamine has been cited to have negative effects on the nervous system. Unfortunately, your horse can't produce as much as they need, so the rest has to come from diet. Fresh pasture + high quality grain can sometimes make up this gap, but it is not always enough nor always accessible. Thiamine is a vitamin essential not only to your horses health, but also to calm your horse and have a soothing effect on their nervous system.


Tryptophan is converted to serotonin in the body. Serotonin is responsible for regulating mood + behaviour, and its production will result in your horse acting calmer, especially if your horse is lacking tryptophan in their diet.


Magnesium is used in over 350 biochemical processes in the body. One of the major purposes of magnesium is to allow the relaxation of the muscle after a contraction. Magnesium is often deficient in modern diets, so it has a profound effect upon supplementation. It has many benefits other than the muscle relaxant effects, including benefits for nervousness, anxiety, insulin resistance, weight loss, laminitic prevention + help, and muscle spasms. TriSana Nutrition magnesium is a natural naturally bound variety, made from sea water.


This triple threat is sure to help focus, calm, and relax your horse.

  • Feeding Instructions

    Less than 1000 lbs: 1.5 TBSP

    Greater than 1000 lbs: 2 TBSP

  • Veterinary Health Product Number


  • Recommended For

    TriSana Nutrition Focus is recommended for nervous, anxious, or excitable horses. It is a great natural supplement to take the edge off young green horses or any horse in training, as well as settle horses for competition or travel.