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Equine Nutrition Analysis

Equine Nutrition Analysis


TriSana Nutrition offers a full range of natural, whole food supplements to help your horse thrive. Aligned with our science based formulations & claims, we wanted to offer an unbiased 3rd party professional nutritional consult service, so that you could be 100% confident with the recommendations provided.


It's just another way that we assure we're providing you with best diet available for your horse - whether that be for a senior, performance, or just simply your best friend!


To take part in this service, you must have a current hay analysis available. This service analyzes your horse's workload, enviornment, temperament, and much more, to give specific tailored recommendations as to where there may be nutritional gaps in your program. Analysis is done in using the industry standard Nutritional Research Council recommendations for macro and micro nutrient levels. You will receive 2 professional reports.


Once purchased, you will be provided with a Google Forms link for data submission.


Please note, we do offer FREE nutritional consultations based on functional needs as well as generic oversight on diets- this service listed here goes above and beyond this.

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