Equine Electrolyte

Equine Electrolyte


Our electrolyte remedy promotes proper hydration, as well as provides vital minerals and vitamins for urinary health. The body requires electrolytes to maintain the proper amount of fluid in and around the cells, as well as has roles in nerve impulses and muscle contractions. 


Horses require sufficient electrolyte concentrations to avoid the risk of earlier onset of fatigue, unsteady gait, uncoordinated muscle contractions, trembling and muscle weakness. Stamina is increased with electrolyte supplementation, as well as they will be physiologically triggered to consume more water. 


Our Electrolyte Remedy does not contain any sugar - it is often added to increase palatability but excessively dilutes the more valuable ingredients. Our electrolyte remedy only replaces the minerals lost in sweat - sodium chloride (salt), potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It acts to encourage water consumption, kidney and urinary health, as well as a blood tonic.


Electrolyte Remedy only contains our magnesium chloride, himalayan salt, and dandelion leaf.


TriSana Equine Electrolyte is scientifically supported to:

  • Supports water and electrolyte balance
  • Maintain physical performance and energy
  • Supports liver + overall health
  • Supports muscle, joint, and bone health
  • Promotes muscle relaxation, supporting a quiet and relaxed disposition



  • Feeding Instructions

    Less than 1000 lbs: 1 TBSP

    More than 1000 lbs: 1.5 TBSP


    A bag, for an average horse (1000lb+), lasts 56 days

  • Veterinary Healthy Product Number

    Veterinary Healthy Product Number: NN.J5D5

  • Recommended For

    TriSana Nutrition Equine Electrolyte is recommended for horses in training or competition. This is a great natural supplement for horses that sweat excessively, even in routine riding. It is also a vital addition for horses struggling with exercise recovery. Electrolytes are also a good addition to winter feeds to promote water intake.