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Canine Devil's Claw Root

Canine Devil's Claw Root


Devil's Claw is a dried root named after the tiny hooks that cover its fruit. Originally from Africa, this root has been used for centuries to help alleviate many ailments due to it's active ingredient harpogoside. This compound is a potent anti inflammatory, and works in the same pain pathways in the body as conventional NSAIDs. It is an active area of study, as promising results are leading to physicians in Germany and France recommending it to patients for arthritis and back pain.


Devil's Claw is what we would consider a warming, comfort root. In dogs, it has been proven to support joint & bone health and comfort. It can be provided to dogs of all ages to maintain tendon and cartilage health and function, whether dealing with previous injuries or arthritis. Additionally it has been scientifically supported for recovery of both muscles and joints after strenuous activity, to aid in preventative measures.


It is also a great root to support a healthy reproductive system.


Veterinary Health Product Number NN.H7R0