Chicken Raw Food

Chicken Raw Food


**Not out of stock** We do usually carry stock in Shawnessy - please message us to arrange pick up - we just have the website as out of stock so we can arrange pick up privately with you! 


This is the chicken version of our raw line up. Our raw is the best product on the market- the result is in the dog in front of you!


No fillers! No preservatives! Filled with the healing goodness of hemp protein, hemp oil, and kelp.


ONLY high quality ingredients that your dog needs in their diet!


This is formulated and perfectly balanced as prey model raw, with over 76% meat! The rest? Finely ground bone, highly nutritious bone marrow, and biologically appropriate ratios of organs. No added veggies to water it down - but feel free to add some of your choice if your dog requires!


As if that's not already enough, we have jam packed it with high powered natural supplements, herbs AND 100% certified organic Canadian hemp!! Pro- biotics, electrolytes, digestive tract soothing and health, joint care, immune boosters, anti-inflammatories, micro minerals, respiratory health, hormonal balance.... the list goes on about what these wonderful ingredients bring to the table!


Finish it off with being locally sourced, locally produced, and hand packed with care, this limited ingredient raw should be a staple in all dog bowls!


6 lb - $23

18 lb - $55

40 lb - $110


Questions? We'd be happy to help!


IMPORTANT! This Item does NOT ship! Please contact us for pick up direct from us, if shopping at one of our retailers is not an option.


We do usually carry stock ourselves - please message to arrange pick up

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