Bison Raw Food

Bison Raw Food


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We are proud to present our new Bison formulation - our Bison Raw Food is made up of 100% pure bison muscle and organs! 


No fillers! No preservatives! Filled with the healing goodness of hemp protein and oil!


ONLY high quality hypoallergenic ingredients that your dog needs in their diet!


This is formulated and perfectly balanced as prey model raw, with over 76% muscle meat! We add 10% bone powder, 10% biologically appropriate and secreting organs, and 4% of the total is the hemp oil and hemp protein. Why have we chosen to add these two supplements on top? 


TriSana Nutrition Hemp Seed Oil is certified 100% Canadian cold-pressed hemp oil. It contains no psychoactive components. It is an all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO oil, and has no additives or preservatives added. It is naturally high in Vitamin E, giving it powerful anti-oxidant capabilities and stability. TriSana Nutrition Hemp Oil offers a large host of benefits to your dog's health. This oil is truly an example of our slogan for 'food is medicine', helping to heal from the inside out. TriSana Nutrition Hemp Oil offers an ideal ratio of omega fatty acids - a healthy source of omega 3, 6, and 9. These 3 are essential fatty acids, meaning they must be obtained through the diet, usually through supplementation. TriSana Nutrition Hemp Oil is rich in a powerful fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is a building block for prostaglandins - which are molecules in your dog's body that assist in smooth muscle contractions, help control inflammation, regulate body temperature, and assist in many other vital functions. GLA is currently part of many scientific research studies, looking into it's vital role in proper hormone regulation and development. If that is not enough, GLA is a powerful anti-inflammatory, helping to heal the digestive tract. TriSana Nutrition Hemp Oil improves skin integrity, which keeps the skin hydrated. It also increases coat thickness, length, and quality, adding an unbelievable shine to your dog's coat. 


Our added Hemp Protein Fibre is 100% Canadian grown and produced. TriSana Nutrition Hemp Protein Fibre is unprocessed, grown without pesticides or herbicides, non-GMO,  and has no additives or preservatives. It is a complete source of amino acids, providing all essential amino acids that a dog requires from their diet. This means ALL the building blocks are available for building and repairing tissues & muscles, hormones & immune response, and other vital functions. It is a great source of protein for building lean muscle and topline when paired with a great exercise program.​ Hemp is another source of highly digestible vitamins and minerals - what the label says is what the animal actually has available to it! TriSana Nutrition Hemp Protein Fibre does not cause abrasive inflammation in the digestive tract like highly processed feeds on the market- instead heals and soothes, leading to happy and healthy digestive tracts! It is a highly bioavailable feed, broken down and utilized easily by the dog's digestive tract.​ TriSana Hemp Protein Fibre is a great source of healthy fibre, helping keep the tract clean and create healthy bowel movements.​ 


We have not added any veggies to dilute or cut costs of any of our formulations - but feel free to add some of your choice if your dog requires!


Finish it off with being locally sourced, locally produced, and hand packed with care, this limited ingredient raw should be a staple in all dog bowls! Our raw is the best product on the market- the result is in the dog in front of you!


Our product now comes in 4 oz pucks (113 g). 


Available in 5 lb or 20 lb cases.

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