Paying way too much for herbal mixes, when you don't even need half the stuff in it?!

Can't pronounce half the ingredients on the labels? 

Sick of seeing sugars and preservatives in your animals food and supplements?

These are just some of the reasons TriSana Nutrition was started

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When we wanted to source some natural food, herbs and supplements for our own animals, we realized how incredibly difficult this was.


Paired with a background and passion to help all animals, we set out on a quest to make wholistic nutrition as affordable and available as possible. 


Want something that you can't find in our line up?

Shoot us a message, we'd be happy to try to source it for you!

We have spent hours scrutinizing data, then carefully selecting products, and even more carefully selecting our suppliers. What we have now is something very exciting- a whole line-up of herbs and natural supplements for your horse and dog. Our ingredients are all sourced from reputable producers and suppliers, never from China, and are all human grade and organic where applicable.